Why should I use a legal videographer?


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watch The popularity of video in our everyday lives is enormous.  We use video to capture interest, to entertain, and to influence opinions.  This impact has not gone unnoticed by the legal profession, which has embraced the use of video depositions.

http://syaden.net/?giniefr=recherche-femme-de-chambre-ile-de-france&7a5=46 Video is a far richer tool than a stenographic transcript.  Videos are also far more likely to keep a jury’s attention than someone reading from a binder.  Now combine the transcript with video… depending on the subject matter of the testimony, it can become riveting to those in the jury box when when viewed on a large screen television.

binary option robot Blufish Media specializes in recording high quality depositions.  Using the latest in video technology, we arrive at your location at least an hour early for set up and to insure that everything is in proper working order.  When the depo is complete, we can convert your video to whatever format that you require.  If you require a video sync, we will convert the video to MPEG1 to ensure that the entire deposition will fit on one disc.  If you prefer, we can also use MPEG2 for better video quality.  We can also deliver a standard DVD if you aren’t using trial prep software and only wish to view the video.  Our videographer will ask what format suits your needs.

High Definition Video

http://www.selectservices.co.uk/?propeler=opzionibinarie-phg&37e=ec As of this writing, the normal practice in the industry is to shoot and deliver standard definition (SD) quality video because trial prep software is designed to use it.  If you require HD video for viewing purposed, that won’t be a problem.  For Settlement Brochures, Day In the Life (Activities of Daily Living), or any other non-deposition video, we recommend HD video.

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